HORNE, Burwell E.; Anson Co., NC, USA; 1806 - Tammy Tice
Subject: HORNE, Burwell E.; Anson Co., NC, USA; 1806
From: Tammy Tice
Date: February 06, 1998

Looking for information on the following family;

Burwell E. HORNE
born 1806 in Anson Co., NC
s/o Elisha HORNE and Sophia Elizabeth MEADOR

Elizabeth Betty MEADOR
d/o Lewis MEADOR and Delila JONES

born 1830 Anson Co., NC

??? Horne
born 1834 Anson Co., NC

William Horne
born 1836 Anson Co., NC

Sophia Horne
born 1839 Anson Co., NC

John Horne
born 1842 Anson Co., NC

Joel Horne
born 1846 Anson Co., NC
??? Horne 1849 Anson Co.,

If anyone can fill in any of the blanks I would be very greatful.

Tammy Tice
[email protected]


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