Re: Hopkins-Look-up - Edward L. Manigault
Subject: Re: Hopkins-Look-up
From: Edward L. Manigault
Date: August 05, 1999


S.C. marriage records list a William Hopkins m. Eliza Welch Aug. 12, 1770,
in Charleston, S.C.  Perhaps your William is the son of this couple?  Sorry
I do not have anything else on either of them.

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From: Darlene 
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Subject: Hopkins-Look-up
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 08:04:20 -0700

your name was sent to me by a Man in SC saying that you had two books of
Wills in SC ..and I am desperate ..would you please ck your Books to see
if you have a will of a Hopkins in SC that lists a child William
Hopkins..if not can you list the names of the Hopkins that had wills or
not if too many....I have been looking so Long for parents of my William
Hopkins born estimated date 1760-1777 SC
Thank you so much for your time and effort.  Darlene

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