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Subject: Re: Holsonback / Holsomback / Holsonbake
From: Vcjc11173
Date: April 16, 2000

        Hey Conrad :).......
George...what my cousin has siad is true and we know more people who can help 
you besides us....Do you know exactly where in SC? Ours was mainly Edgefield, 
SC....My 4Great Grampa..I might be worng on the 4 part........was Abraham 
Holsomback...or how ever he spelled it at that time. He came form there in 
Shelby County, AL....

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<< Yes there are many of the Holson(m)back tribe in TX I have some information
 on them, I belong to a group of our surname researchers and we have a
 WebPage on What line do you belong to?
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 Subject: Re: Holsonback / Holsomback / Holsonbake
 > I have Holsonbecks in mt line that are in East Texas.  They were friends
 and married with Cospers. The Cospers are from SC. Do you know if a tribe of
 Holsonbecks came west to East Texas ??
 > George B. Williams

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