Re: Holsonback / Holsomback / Holsonbake - Conrad & Tricia Holsomback
Subject: Re: Holsonback / Holsomback / Holsonbake
From: Conrad & Tricia Holsomback
Date: April 16, 2000

Yes there are many of the Holson(m)back tribe in TX I have some information
on them, I belong to a group of our surname researchers and we have a
WebPage on What line do you belong to?
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Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2000 7:01 AM
Subject: Re: Holsonback / Holsomback / Holsonbake

 I have Holsonbecks in mt line that are in East Texas.  They were friends
and married with Cospers. The Cospers are from SC. Do you know if a tribe of
Holsonbecks came west to East Texas ??
> George B. Williams

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