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Subject: Holsomback-Jarvis-Lawley.....
From: Vcjc11173
Date: March 31, 2000

Hello there,
  I am researching the name Holsomback and the various spellings of this 
name...there are 76 ways to spell this name alone, but I will not send them 
in this email...if it sounds close then it is a possibility....This is what I 
am looking for in this name:
  Abraham Holsomback (or various spelling) M. Unknown
     **Edgefield, SC and possible surrounding areas**
       1)Abraham Jr...moved to Shelby County, AL in or around 1815...wife 
Elizabeth...1)John M. Margaret (Lawley) both borne in Shelby County, AL 
2)Derrick M. Ellen(nor)(Lawley)...both born in Shelby County, AL 3)Hiram M. 
Rebecca (Walker) both born in Edgefield, SC, moved to Shelby county, AL 
4)Nancy Holsomback 5)Alfred M. Temperance (???), both born in Edgefeiled, SC 
and moved to Shelby County..then Alfred shows up in Tuscaloosa later...aka 
Holsumback.. 6) Christopher Holsomback
      2)Derrick Holsomback Sr...married Mary Mosely in Edgefield, SC...aka 
Holsombake...1)Derrick Jr 2)Robert 3)Matthew...unsure of all the kids...
      3)John Holsomback...unsure of wife or children
      4)Matthew Holsomback
      5)William Holsomback
      6) Nancy...possible name or Elizabeth.....
  (Newton) John Jarvis M. Jane/Jincy S. They were in SC then to GA and then 
to Shelby County, AL...1)John born GA 2)Joshua born GA 3) William born GA 
4)Carter born AL 5)Newton James Jarvis born AL 6)Alexander born AL  7)Easter 
born AL 8)George born in GA....
   Henry Lawley M Unkown....moved form Edgefield, SC to Shelby County with 
Abraham Holsomback and a few others...I hvae some info on this family...two 
of his daughters married holsomback brothers as stated above...Henry's father 
was Christopher Lawley M. Catherine....Henry Lawley was married to Elizabeth 
Coshatt..she was married to a Walker before Henry....Lawley - Lolly - Lolle - 
   Does any one have any other info? I do have info I can share...
Thank you for you time and patience in reading this! :)
Vivian Catherman

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