Holly Springs Baptist Church, Oconee Co., SC - Ggailsmith
Subject: Holly Springs Baptist Church, Oconee Co., SC
From: Ggailsmith
Date: June 26, 1998

Located on Hwy. 76 between Westminster and Long Creek.

The following surnames are listed in the cemetery:

Suttles, Lee, Roach, Barker, Adams, Burnside, Turner, Stansell, Guinn,
Sanford, Cox, Marcengil, Woodall, Blackwell, Vinson, Burton, Carter, Ramey,
O'Shields, Richards, Carroll, Camp, Spearman, Sarley, Marcum, Taylor,
McCallister, Cobb, Moore, Phylow, Shedd, Paige, Pelfrey, Carson, Fowler,
Carver, Heaton, Elrod, Marris/Marrison, Butte, Rose, Chambers, Bright, Capps,
Graham, Brown, Haney, Miller, Justice, Butts, Shuttlesworth, Cromer, McIntyre,
Nabors, Busha, Mulkey, Wilbanks, Thompson, Teague, Cawthon, Ard, Strong,
Merck, Underwood, Smith, Gray, Farmer, Maroney, Mongold, Whitman, Holmes,
Childers, Long, Sullivan, Stone, Davis

Anyone that would like me to do a lookup on this cemetery listing, please
email me at [email protected].

Gail Boyle, LaPlata, Maryland

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