Date: June 02, 1999

Since William Hollinshead was born in  1771 in South Carolina we can be
almost sure his parents were Samuel Hollinshead and Ann Rossell who
married Sept 9 1736 in Burlington Co New Jersey.
Samuel and Anna Hollnshead sold their land in New Jersey in 1738 to
Samuel's brother William.and they moved to South Carolina by 1750. When
Samuel Hollinshead petitioned for land in Orangeburg in 1750 he stated
that he had a wife and  two children .Samuel was the first Hollinshead
found in the South Carolina records.he was active in the Indian affairs
of the state  during 1751 aND 1752  but later records  cannot be found
in South Caolina. He was born 1704 in Burlington Co ,N J . and could
have died in S.C. as when he petiitioned for land he stated he was
sick.Samuel Hollinshead received two grants of land consisting  of 200
acres and 100 acres ,the 200 acre grant was located on the 'Dutch Fork'
on Broad River near an island which by 1820/25 was called Reaves
Island.Hollinshead creek empties into the Broad River in the region of
the 200 acre grant. today Hollinshead subdivisionis found in this area

to be continued

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