Hollinshead - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Hollinshead
Date: June 01, 1999

From an old family German bible of Matthias Heinlein 
Anna Suphia Heily Born April 7 1787
Barbara Heily born April 26 1789
Elizabeth Heily born Ja 8 1792
John Heily born July 27 1794
Mary Maidalana Hiley BornOct 4 1795
Thomas Hiley born March 20  1797
Cathrina Hiley born March 8 1799(Heinlein)
The name changed from  Heyle to Heily to Hiley
Jacob Heley died 1799 the same year his daughter was born 
Anna Suphia Hiley married William Hollinshead
Barbary Hiley married David Wells
Elizabeth Hiley married Jacob Slappey
Thomas Hiley was the father of Polly Hiley who married Jack Clark of
Crawford Co Georgia
the bibe staes "all these parties moved from Orangeburg S.C. to Georgia
in 1828
to be continued

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