Hollinhead - JEAN PRATHER
Subject: Hollinhead
Date: June 02, 1999

Samuel Hollinshead as stated above arrived in S.C. by 1750, his
gandparents the immigrants were John And Grace ? Hollinshead. They
arrived in America from England in 1678. They settled for a short time
in Salem,N J. but by 1680 were living in Burlington County N.J. where
Jon died intestate in 1699. his will named among others,a son Willam
Hollinshead who married Jan 23 1692, Elizabeth Adams of Long Island New
York. and later Burlington Co New Jersey. Willam Hollinshead was born
ca. 1670 in England as was living n Burlington County N.J. as late as
1755, his wife was living there as late as 1741. William and Elizabeth
(Adams) Hollinhead were the parents of Samuel Hollinshead who moved to
S.C. by 1750. Descendants of William Hollinshead and Anna Sophia Hiley
continue to seek proof that their linnage goes back to John and Eliza
(Anderson) Hollinshead and then from them back to Samuel and Ann Rossell
Hollinshead who arrived in S.C. by 1750

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