HOLLINGSWORTHs in SC - J. R. Hollingsworth
From: J. R. Hollingsworth
Date: February 20, 1998

            You have to be a librarian to have opportunity to review all
those collections.  Mere mortals are not permitted in one lifetime to get
into those materials.  Humble Seminar on 'SC Genealogical Research' will use
your material as one of the handouts.  Thanks for your help and effort.
             Do you encounter any HOLLINGSWORTHs in your research?  For
Valentine's day I took my love into the city [Houston] to explore around
Rice Village [-near the University], and look in on a couple of antique
stores and book stores.  I found some real treasures in Texana, 'Fragile
Empires', the Texas Correspondence of Samuel Swartwout and James Morgan,
1836 -- 1856.
Swartwout, a NY native, was closely associate with Aaron Burr & Andrew
Jackson; his TX agent Morgan purchased land and invested in the future of
the empire.  Morgan became a friend of Sam Houston, and later grew to detest
him.  The letters concern the struggle for independence, development of the
Republic, and annexation.  What a find! And only $10.
            Also worthy of mention is 'Hunting Lieutenant Chadbourne' by Jim
Corder?  Usually I am reading 6 -- 10 books at a time, but when Corder's
book came my way I put aside everything else and read it completely before
taking back up the others.  Corder was driving on a West TX highway and saw
a roadside historical marker "Old Fort Chadbourne" and wondered why, as a TX
historian and professor of English at Texas Christian University, he knew
nothing about the fort or it's namesake.
            He doesn't just give the life of Chadbourne [native of Maine,
1843 graduate of West Point] he was in Zachary Taylor's command in the war
with Mexico and killed at the battle of Resaca de la Palma at 23 years of
age], but describes in detail how he traced the history of Lt. Chadbourne
and his methods of research.  Corder vents his feelings about his search,
which is rare in a professor, and rarer still in a history book.  A great
            Back to the story abt Valentine's day.  Carol and I also bought
a couple of pamphlets relating to genealogy.  'Marriage Notices in The South
Carolina and American General Gazette and The Royal Gazette, 1776 -- 1782'
which contained description of two of her ancestors, and 'The Boundary Line
between NC and SC' by A. S. Salley, Sec of the SC Historical Commission,
1929, with laid-in map of the survey which finally established the boundary.
            The first contained a notice of the marriage of "Mr. James
Hampden Thomson, A.M. Late Tutor in the College of New Jersey, to Miss
Elisabeth-Martha Trezevant, Friday, February 24, 1775."  Trezevant is one of
her lines.
            The latter is intended as a gift for Brent Howard Holcomb, a
professional genealogist of Charleston, SC, who will be the speaker next
Saturday at the Humble Area Genealogical Society annual seminar on 'SC
research'.  We have lots of family connections in SC, and may have more
after the seminar.
            Thanks again for the nice material and all your postings.

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