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Date: August 06, 1999

Hi Cynthia,
     I only have Mary Holley and they married about 1818.  John T. was born abt 1885/89 according to one source and the census.  She
is probably younger
than he.  Something interesting.........Hasting(s) is a family name on my husband's grandmother McManus side of family.  She was
Nancy Hasting, dau of Wilson and Janie Elizabeth Stroud Hasting. Wilson Hasting's parents were
Robert J. and Mattie Golding Hasting.  He married her cousin after  she died
and he lived to be 100 years old.   He had lots of land (5,000 acres) and lots of
money (??)  when he died.  He also had a total of 17 or 18 children by the two
wives, so when it was divided, there wasn't so much.  I think most of the children
lost their inheritance in the 1930s depression.  If some of them had the land mortgaged, I guess they lost that, also. There is an
old cotton gin in the Smithsonian Institute (at least his gr. granddaughter said so) that belonged to him.  Another gentleman
acquired the gin and years later donated it to the Inst..
I understand the original owner is not mentioned.  Not sure this is fact.
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Subject: Re: Holley
Excited to see your post concerning Mary HOLLEY of Edgefield Co., SC.  Do
your records show her with a brother named Hastings HOLLEY, b. abt 1800,
Edgefield Co., SC?

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