Re: Fwd: Fwd: Hogging - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Re: Fwd: Fwd: Hogging
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: February 12, 1998

Great I appreciate your efforts even if most of them are not my lines

-----Original Message-----
From: Steven Coker 
To: Deborah Byrd ; Dennis Morgan ;
Helene and Marion Pockrus ; [email protected]
; J. R. Hollingsworth 
Date: Thursday, February 12, 1998 7:16 PM
Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Hogging

Just wanted to give you this follow up.  The List Owner decided everthing
>okay.  It was just one newbie user and nobody else complained about the
>messages.  All is well.

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