HODGES in SC before 1750 - Susan Hodge Davis
Subject: HODGES in SC before 1750
From: Susan Hodge Davis
Date: October 12, 1998

From Charleson Misc. Records 1714-1717 (in Charleston Co. library):
    pg. 469  Whereas Wm. Hodgson hath purchased 500 acres of land and
paid 100 lbs., we do therefore command yet to cause to be measured for
Landgrave Wm. Hodgson 5000 (Note: yes, 5000 ) acres.  Recorded 11 April
Carteret Palatin
Jo: Bertie for Beaufort
M: Ashley
Fulwar Shipworth for Ld Craven
J. Colleton
J. Danson

Guilielmi Hodgson-pg. 470
All is in Latin, so if anyone can translate, I would love to see it.
Recorded 11 April 1717

page 524- John Hodgeson sold 350 acres to William Hodgson of Six Clerks
office in the Chancery Lane, London, for 851 lbs.  Also sold him 7
April 5, 1717

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