HODGE-Sumter Co., SC 1800's - Susan Hodge Davis
Subject: HODGE-Sumter Co., SC 1800's
From: Susan Hodge Davis
Date: October 24, 1998

From the Registry of Mesne Conveyances of Sumter Co.:
Book A, page 32:  Elisha Hodge registered a stock mark. Awarded 2 July

Book B, page 264:  There was a dispute over ownership of a
slave-Benjamin Sr. got the slave on 16 April 1805.

Book C, page 2:  Abraham sold plantation of 418 acres in fork of Black
River to Samuel Taylor, plantation bounding land of Bithel Hodge.
Abraham bought on 9 August 1794, sold 22 November 1806.  His wife was

Book C, page 34: Joshua Hodge and wife Mary of Claremont Co. sold to
Peter Edgeah Brunson 100 acres on east side of Wateree River on 7 Sept
1793.  Joshua was a shoemaker and Brunson was a planter.

Book C, page 65:  Miles Hodge gave permission for James Denson to dam up
swamp and build a mill on 9 Jan 1802.

Book ?, page 106: Elisha Hodge sold 470 acres to William Hodge on
Pocataligo on 1 Oct 1820.

Book ?, page 249:  John and Frances Hodge for $2000 to Samuel Harvin 576
acres on Big Branch, Camp Branch, and Millstone Branch of Black River on
16 Jan 1822.

Book ?, page 59: Marady Hicks for $250 from John Hodge 380 acres on ?
Jan 1818.

Book ?, page 157: John Clark sold John Hodge 12 and 70 acres on each
side of public road known as Mount Hope Rd. 16 Jan 1822.
Witnessed by: James P. Hodge and James D. Hodge.

Book E, page 209: Sarah Hodge (widow) bought 570 acres from Malachi
Brogdon for $570 on 29 Nov 1817.

Book E, page 211: Sarah Hodge bought 400 + 69 acres for $500 from James
Norton-13 Nov 1817.

Book E, page 216-217:  Joshua Hodges bought on 17 Aug 1797 from Nathan
Wise-2 parcels of land.

Book E, page 219:  Joshua Hodge sold to Tilman Kolb 50 acres for 20 lbs.
on 25 Dec 1801.

Book F, page 2: James Acock sold to John Hodge 116 acres 26 Jan 1819.
Witnessed by John G. Hodge and James D. Hodge.

Book F, page 360: John Hodge sold to Elisha Hodge a plantation on 14
April 1817.  Witnessed by William Hodge.  Bashaby released dower.

Book F, page 481: Sarah Hodge (widow) for $6350 sold 1928 acres to
Elisha Hodge on Pocotaligo Swamp on 9 Nov 1820, witnessed by Benjamin D.
and William Hodge.

Book EE, page 166: Sold to Warner Macon for $750 by Bithel Hodge a
plantation with 250 acres on Tare Coat Swamp on the waters of Black
River on 23 Jan 1819.

Book EE, page 75: William Bracy sold to Elisha Hodge a tract of land on
Indigo Branch of Black River on 14 Feb 1809.

Book EE, page 77: Benjamin James of Prince William  Parish, Beaufort
District sold for $100  to Elisha Hodge of Claremont on 9 Dec 1812.
Wilson Hodge was a witness.

Book EE, page 199:  Elisha Hodge sold for $6350 to Sarah Hodge (widow)
of Sumter Co. 1928 acres on the south side of Pocotaligo Swamp on 13 Nov
1818. Witnessed by Benjamin Hodge. Marthey Hodge was wife of Elisha.

Book FF, page 331: Received of Sarah Hodge, Exor. to the estate of
Benjamin Hodge deceased my legacy of the personal and real estate in
full of all demands this 14 Jan 1823.  Benjamin D. Hodge.

Book FF, page 331: Received of Sarah Hodge, guardian to the estate of
John M. Hodge, dec'd, my legacy in full of all demands this 14th day of
Jan 1823.  Benjamin D. Hodge.

Book FF, page 89:  Elisha Hodge sold for $500 to James Hodge 508 acres
on Pocotaligo Swamp on 1 Oct 1821.

Book G, page 302: Miles Edmond Hodge of Clarendon Co. to grandmother
Sarah Hodge on 29 Oct 1825 slaves.

Book G, page 55: Bithel Hodge bought for 50 27/100 animals and shotgun
on 16 March 1820. Witnessed by Charles Hodge.

Book G, page 441: Bithel Hodge bought from Redden McCoy 244 acres on
Tear Coat Swamp for $488 on 29 March 1824.

Book G, page 342:  Thomas R. Morgan owed $270 to Joseph Hodges.  He gave
him a slave named Charlotte.  7 Mar 1826.

Book I, page 280:  Sarah Hodge for natural love and affection which I
bear for grandson Miles E. Hodge's estate-I do give estate one dollar-
also 1 dollar to grandson Benjamin Duprey Hodge and 1 dollar to John
Miles Hodge.  Rest of estate at her death was to go to Hiram Logan.  22
Dec 1834.

QUESTION: Where did Sarah get $6350 to buy Elisha's land? To whom was
Sarah married? Who was Hiram Logan to her?

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