Re: History of Marlboro County - Nancy Galkowski
Subject: Re: History of Marlboro County
From: Nancy Galkowski
Date: March 26, 1998

LBate18495 wrote:
>       Hello
>          I am interested in obtaining a copy of the book History of Marlboro
> County. It has information in it that will help link the Covington's of
> Georgia with those who migrated to Georgia from South Carolina. I have a
> Solomon ancestor that married a Covington that  is connected with the
> Covingtons of  Marlboro County South Carolina. Their first child was either
> Henry or John Thomas. Henry might have been born in1852. I cannot actually say
> for sure. Jacob L. Bateman

Write to the Marlboro County Historical Society, that's where I
purchased my copy several years ago. You can probably get their address
From the SC, Marlboro County web page. Hope this helps. My own
ancestors, McDaniel and Dillon, came from this County.
Nancy McDaniel Galkowski


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