Re: History of Marlboro County - DBaker3381
Subject: Re: History of Marlboro County
From: DBaker3381
Date: March 25, 1998

In a message dated 98-03-26 01:28:28 EST, [email protected] writes:

<<      I am interested in obtaining a copy of the book History of Marlboro
 County. It has information in it that will help link the Covington's of
 Georgia with those who migrated to Georgia from South Carolina. I have a
 Solomon ancestor that married a Covington that  is connected with the
 Covingtons of  Marlboro County South Carolina. Their first child was either
 Henry or John Thomas. Henry might have been born in1852. I cannot actually
 for sure >>


I do not know where you are, but many libraries also have a collection called
"Huxford's Pioneers of Wiregrass, GA,"  If your ancestors settled in that area
of GA, there is a good chance that they would be covered in that collection,
along with the SC connections..

Dot Baker

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