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Subject: History of Lake City
From: RudEbOy
Date: September 01, 1998

I have a book that I have borrowed from my Aunt titled "History of Lake
City, South Carolina" by Margaret L. Carter published 1976.  I will list
some of the families named in this book.  If you are interested in more,
please e-mail me privately.  I would love to print excerpts from the book
but I am not able to obtain permission from the author to do so.  I know
there is a fine line about this and I am still unsure as of what to do.


William James			David Wilson
Roger Gordon			Edward Plowden
Robert Ervin				David Johnson
James Armstrong			John Scott
Adam McDonald			Archibald Hamilton
Gavin Witherspoon			John Witherspoon
David Witherspoon			James Witherspoon
Janet Witherspoon Flemin		John Fleming
James McClelland			William Sym
David Allen				William Wilson
Robert Wilson			James Bradley
William Frierson			John James
William Hamilton			John Porter
John Lemon				Robert Paisley
David Pressley			John Turner
Archibald McRae			______Stuart
Charles McAllister			John Graham
Ebenezer Singletary			Agnes McNeely
James Daniel			William Graham
Needham Lee			Robert Cade

Families:  Kennedys, Camerons, Chandlers, Cockfields, Eppses, Gordons,
Grahams, Harrington, Haseldens, SIngletarys, McCallsiters, Nesmiths,
Brockingtons, Johnsons, Daniels, McFaddens, Sauls, Browns, Matthews, 
Eaddys, Carters

*This is not a genealogy book but a book about the history of Lake City and
also there is no index.  If you e-mail, please give me a day or two to find
the information that you are looking for. There are quite a few stories
about some of the above mentioned families.  Also have the book "Browntown
Museum, History and Genealogy" by Dorothy Owens for Three Rivers Historical

Patti Hanna-Thompson
[email protected]

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