Re: Historical Info on Richard CAUTHEN - Tmsjones
Subject: Re: Historical Info on Richard CAUTHEN
From: Tmsjones
Date: June 20, 1998

 Capt Wm Tomlin and Mr Thomas Meriwether, feoffes for
> the Townland in Essex
> Can someone please explain to me the word used in this document:  feoffes

In Virginia, in this particular situation, the term meant "trustees." Towns in 
Virginia did not spring up like mushrooms, they were created by action of the 
Assembly. The documents you have refer to Hobbs' Hole (often written in the 
records in an old fashioned possessive, "Hobbs his Hole"), now the town of 

Each town had trustees, or feofees, appointed. They did not govern the towns. 
But the trustees sold the town lots. So think of "trustees" who do not own a 
property but handle all the transactions related to it, and you will get the 


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