Re: Hirdron surname - Gaila & Jim Merrington
Subject: Re: Hirdron surname
From: Gaila & Jim Merrington
Date: June 18, 1999

Names evolve, so it is best to keep your mind flexible while searching for
early names.
Soundex: a card index system prepared by the Works Progress Administration
for the federal census enumerations. In it, names are arranged by letter and
number codes according to the sounds of their consonants. Thus, even if a
name is misspelled or spelled in an unexpected way, it can often be located
in the Soundex index.
You can search by using the First letter and next consonants and you will
come up with a number to search by ie H613, then you can try to search by
that code in the archives.

I have Heard ancestors, but they can be found as Herd, Hurd, Hird- so I
search H*rd. My Schofill name evolved from 10 variant spellings to Schofield
(including Coffield), and I have Goodin ancestors and I am unsure if that
family changed the name to Goodwin or Godwin. At a large genealogy library,
you will find the Accelerating Index System and you will find your name and
possibly your family.
Good luck,
[email protected] wrote:

 Has anyone ever heard of this surname? If so where -I have recently found
> that this was the maiden name of my gggrandmother who married in Warren
> Ga. in 1860. I have searched the Genweb archives, the LDS site, and
> and can find no others with this surname. Does anyone have any ideas.
> Thanks-Peggy in TX

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