HINES, Thomas, SC, bef. 1821 - Elreeta Weathers
Subject: HINES, Thomas, SC, bef. 1821
From: Elreeta Weathers
Date: July 13, 1998

Who were the parents of Thomas HINES, who lived in or near the
Fairfield District in SC?  His will was proved in 1821.  Who was
the wife of Thomas HINES?

Thomas had daughters Elizabeth, Esther, and Finetta and sons Joab,
James, Loyd and Thomas.  One son-in-law's surname was GODBOLD.

Thomas was a farmer whose wife may have been a relative of General
TARRANT as one or more of her motherless children lived with a
TARRANT family in KY after she died about 1805-1808.  

Another Thomas HINES was a farmer in the same area and he died
after 1825 in the same general area.  his wife was named Siberel
and some of his children were also in his will.  Relationship
between the two Thomas HINES families is not known.

Thanks for your help,
E. C. Weathers

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