HINE family Bible record found...Samuel and Sussie KRETZER - Toomean2
Subject: HINE family Bible record found...Samuel and Sussie KRETZER
From: Toomean2
Date: July 24, 2000

While visiting my sister, we wondered to Gaffney which is in Cherokee county 
South Carolina. While browsing in a Goodwill Store there, they had an old 
bible in the counter. I asked to see it and found the following info:

Samuel H. Hine born July 2, 1849
Infant son was born Nov. 5th 1881
Married Samuel H. Hine to Sussie Kretzer [I can't swear the first letter in 
Kretzer, was a "k" but the best I could make it out it was a K] the 14th of 
Nov. 1880 In the year of our Lord.
the copyright on the Bible was 1868.

The price was 75.00 which I found a little pricey, just copied the info, 
since this is not one of my lines. I don't know if these people mentioned 
ever lived in this part of the country or not, but that is where the Bible 
ended up. Just thought I would pass that along.


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