Hiller - Wyatt & Anne Propst
Subject: Hiller
From: Wyatt & Anne Propst
Date: September 06, 1999

Hi Eleanore, yes, we have spoken before.  I have very little on the Hiller
family.  I just go back to John Samuel Hiller and Nancy Wise(1774-1844)
whose son John Hiller( 5 Apr. 1807-13 Nov. 1883) married Martha Lybrand.
Their daughter Ann Amelia Hiller(12 Jul 1839-19 Nov. 1926) married Jacob
Wingard Dreher.  Their son Lawrence Shuler Dreher was my grandfather.  I
don't have any idea about where they originated but believe it was Germany
and of course they might have originated in Poland.  I know some Hillers
also originated in Austria and some Russia.  I have concentrated on the
Dreher side, but am to meet with a Hiller cousin very shortly and maybe I
can find some better information.


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