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H.S. Westendorff was born in 1830. He married Susan E. Hill, daughter of 
The child of H.S. Westendorff and Susan Hill Westendorff is Charles Hill 
Westendorff, born Dec. 10, 1846, Charleston, SC, died April 7, 1917. 

H.S. had 4 brothers and 2 half sisters. 

According to the 1850 census, when Charles Hill Westendorff was 4 years old, 
he was living with his mother and her sister. His father is living with his 
parernts. Susan and H. S. were teenagers when Charles Hill Westendorff was 
born, but Susan was older than H. S.
BY 1860, Charles is 14 and his mother has remarried. His step-father is S.D. 
Hudson and Charles has three half brothers, the oldest is Allan, age five. 
His mother appears to lie about her age and Charles, perhaps because she is 
again older than her husband.
At the age of 17, Charles Hill Westendorff enlisted at James Island in the 
Confederate Army, Company B 25 SC Infantry on March 22, 1865. He was a 
prisoner of war, captured at Town Creek, Feb. 20, 1865. He was released on 
oath on June 22, 1865, age 18 1/2. Charles H. is buried in Magnolia Cemetery, 
confederate soldiers plot. In 1900 he is listed as a policeman. 
Be careful not to confuse Charles Hill Westendorff with his uncle Charles 
Westendorff, born 1836, died Fe. 19, 1865, Lookout Point, Maryland, as a 
of war.

Margie Scott


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