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Subject: Re: Re: Hightower
From: Enc6
Date: June 13, 2000

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<< Dear Emma,
 Let's see... I have Jane(no last name either) getting married about 1786 and
 Susannah being married about 1767, if that's any help. No notes on
 Susannah's death in my stuff. I got my data from another person, so take it
 with a grain of salt. I haven't been able to get documentation on everything
 I have yet.
 Take care,

Hi Cathy,
You are right.. that is the right group.
Thomas Hightower (1736 VA-abt 1808 Ky) was married twice.  Susannah 
Harrington and Jane (Jency) who we believe was Indian.  Thanks for checking - 
take care - Emma

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