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Subject: Re: Hightower
From: rustycat
Date: June 04, 2000

Dear Emma,
Let's see... I have Jane(no last name either) getting married about 1786 and
Susannah being married about 1767, if that's any help. No notes on
Susannah's death in my stuff. I got my data from another person, so take it
with a grain of salt. I haven't been able to get documentation on everything
I have yet.
Take care,

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> <<
>  I'm on here too. I've been unable to get much gen. work done lately but
>  still paying attention.
>  I have some Hightower stuff. Mainly Vir but a wee bit of SC. What are you
>  looking for?
>  Cathy >>
> Hi Cathy,
> Emma here - I think we might have crossed paths before.  I am descended
> Thomas Hightower and Jane (Jency).  That Thomas is the son of Thomas
> Hightower who married Kindness ??? in Va. and who was the son of Joshua
> Hightower and Eleanor.  Hope that helps you place me a bit.  Would love to
> find out who Jane was.  And.. also documentation on what happened to
> first wife Susannah Harrington.  I know that Thomas was b. in 1736 in Va
> that he died about 1808 in Ky.  But would like some verification of how
> Susannah died and when he married Jane.
> Happy to hear from you - take care - Emma

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