High Hills of Santee church records (pre-1800) - William McIntosh
Subject: High Hills of Santee church records (pre-1800)
From: William McIntosh
Date: January 11, 2000

I am interested in any information about possible church records for the
High Hills of Santee area of Sumter District prior to 1800.  I know that
High Hills Baptist Church was organized by then and believe that the
Episcopal Church in Stateburg (Holy Cross) was as well.  I am unsure
about any Presbyterian congregations in the area - only aware of Salem
Black River over in Mayesville area.

Specifically,  I am interested in any information on a McINTOSH-WESTBURY
marriage - these individuals were parents of William McINTOSH
(1764-1843) who married (1) Martha GAMBLE; (2) Mary REARDON; and (3)
Elizabeth HARRINGTON.  I suspect they were also parents of Joshua
McINTOSH who married Jane REARDON; Jane McINTOSH (d. 1797) who married
Henry WHEELER; and Elizabeth McINTOSH (b. 1772) who married a BRADFORD
and moved to Louisiana.

Any information regarding these individuals and/or the availability of
church records for High Hills area prior to 1800 grealy appreciated.

Bill McIntosh
Summerville, SC

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