Hicksons of Sumter District 1830 - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Hicksons of Sumter District 1830
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: May 07, 1999

I was looking in the Guardianship index for Sumter district and saw the John
Baker became the guardian of Selina E. and Richard F. Hickson Nov 1830 about
the time Baker married Ester widow of Reuben Hickson.  Selina married James
Madison Baker one of John's sons.  Census records indicate she was born
about 1828 and so was Richard

Reuben Hickson's estate papers don't specify how many minor heirs he had at
his death, but indicate only a male, which would be Richard.  Is Selina his
twin sister?  Is she also a daughter of Ester?

Found a record of a Margaret Hickson being the ward of James Lowrey in 1840.
Is Margaret also known as Martha?  and is Margaret another daughter of
Reuben Hickson?

Deborah Byrd

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