HIckson, Cole, and Allen of Sumter District - Deborah Byrd
Subject: HIckson, Cole, and Allen of Sumter District
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: August 09, 1999

I have a couple of questions on connections between these families.

I have Margaret Hixson (Hickson)'s guardian report which shows Richard Allen
as her guardian who died between July 1837 and July 1838.  The next guardian
report later in 1838 shows that John Cole is now her guardian that Margaret
has married.  John is settling the estate with her husband.  The man is not
1)  Is Richard Allen the son of Jesse Allen father of Mary Hickson first
wife of Rueben Hickson.

2)Is Margaret a daughter of Rueben Hickson?

3) Who is Margert's husband?

4) Does anyone have a listing of Richard Allen's children?

5) Does anyone have a listing of Jesse Allen's children and grandchildren?

Deborah Byrd

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