HIckson, Baker, Cole, Allen of Sumter District - Deborah Byrd
Subject: HIckson, Baker, Cole, Allen of Sumter District
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: October 04, 1998

I am questioning the relationships of the heirs of Reuben Hickson estate 1830.  When the estate was probated in June 1830, John Cole Junr and Esther Hickson were listed as Admin.  With a minor Heir R. F Hickson who grew up in the household of  John Baker, will 1861.  Esther Hickson was sitll listed on the estate papers when there was an estate sale in July.  The next sale in Nov 1830 and Jan 1831 listed John Cole and John Baker and his wife Esther as admin.  Then in 1831 John Cole etal were sued in equity court by Martha Hickson Allen and her husban Richard Allen for their share of Rueben's estate.  Now the questions, 
1) was Esther the widow of Reuben and the mother of R. F. Hickson b. about 1828?   He was still a minor in 1848, and according to the 1850 Census he was living with John and Esther Baker and age 21.  Esther died sometime between 1850 and 1860 when John Baker shows up on the Sumter 1860 census with wife Rachel.  In his will of 1861 he does not mention R. F Hickson.

2) Who was the wife of John Cole Junr? 

3) who was the Mother of Mrs. John Cole and Martha Hickson Allen?

Deborah Byrd

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