Hi! I'm the County Coordinator for Chester County - Susan Wilson
Subject: Hi! I'm the County Coordinator for Chester County
From: Susan Wilson
Date: July 14, 1998

I'm new to this list, though not to genealogy and the Internet.  I'd like to
take this opportunity to let you know that I'm working like mad on revamping
the Cheater County SCGenWeb site, and should be all scrubbed and shiny in a
couple of days.  You may visit in the meantime, but be sure to come back
soon!  And I'd like to do some shameless begging -- if you've got Chester
County resources, family Bibles, wills, etc., that you'd be willing to have
transcribed and placed on the site, please email me!  I'm more than willing
to do the typing!

I live in southern middle TN, which may make you wonder why I'd adopt
Chester County -- my "people" came from there.  My SC surnames are: WYLIE,
FERGUSON, McKINNEY, HEFLEY, WHITE, and assorted others.

Su Wilson
County Coordinator, Chester County SC USGenWeb Project

I'd rather be looking for dead people than have them looking for me!

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