Heyward Family - Edward L. Manigault
Subject: Heyward Family
From: Edward L. Manigault
Date: February 26, 2000


I have just finished reviewing and transcribing over 500 Heyward descendants
From the 1925 book, "Heyward", by James Barnwell Heyward II (1848-1931). It
is an expanded and  corrected version of the 1907 publication I commented on
several days ago. Mr. Heyward wrote what appears to be a very complete and
certainly a most "candid" appraisal of his relatives. I recommend it as most
informative and entertaining reading.

If anyone is interested, but is unable to find a copy on inter-library loan,
I can send my revision of the Heyward data which includes some "corrections"
and connections to other S.C.families, including my own. I believe it would
be better to send the information as inclusions in E-mail in several
transmissions because of the number of pages involved (28). That way, no one
would have problems downloading.


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