Hey y'all! - Jerry M Sanford
Subject: Hey y'all!
From: Jerry M Sanford
Date: May 11, 1999

Come on now!  Why not just drop all of this who-shot-john in the list and
get back to genealogy!  There is absolutely nothing to be gained by it
other than a little ego stroking!



On Sat, 17 Apr 1999 06:02:14 -0400 Cynthia Parker 
>  Excuse me, but you fail to realize that you copied my transcription 
>old data, and my transcription is copyrightable. I am very much 
>with the USGenWeb project and am quite aware of what is copyrightable
>and what is not. The data at the archives is waiting there for you to 
>and make your own transcription. It's public domain, but my
>transcription is not public domain. My transcription is copyrighted. 
>is my work.
>I am working on a book with old newspaper transcriptions. When I 
>it, don't you think that it's copyrightable. It most certainly is. I
>have taken technology courses via the college of library science at 
>I have learned quite a bit in those courses. If someone puts up a
>webpage and places a copyright on the page, it's copyrighted.  No one
>else has the right, morally or legally, to make a copy of it, in any
>way, shape, or form.
>This issue was at one time a hot topic on the USGenWeb all list. What
>you have done is against Rootsweb's policy. It is also immoral. I
>promise you that if you copy and publish any of my work across your 
>again, I will contact Rootsweb. I have already consulted the SCGenWeb
>State Coordinator about this. (As you may know I am assistant
>coordinator for SCGenWeb.) If anymore data is harvested from an 
>page and sent out across the list, which resides on Rootsweb, we will
>both contact them. They are adamant that copyrights be honored. Read 
>blurbs on the data in the South Carolina Archives on Rootsweb. The 
>in copyrighted to the transcriber. The info that you sent to Sumter 
>your name on it and a copyright blurb giving you credit. If you don't
>choose to believe what I am telling you, then contact Brian at 
>and see how he feels about you harvesting info and sending it out 
>a list that is on the Rootsweb server. It is not to be done.
>By the way, I have noticed before info that you have cut and pasted 
>some of my pages, word for word, such as from the Clarendon Archives
>page and placed on your web page. That is a no no also.
>I received over a hundred e-mails, privately about my message to you.
>All were in favor of what I had said. People don't like seeing you
>harvesting other people's hard work and sending it out across the 
>The url is what is needed and a bit about what's on the page.
>Cynthia R. Parker
>SCGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator

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