Henson and O'Quinn-Colleton Co. SC - Susan Johanson
Subject: Henson and O'Quinn-Colleton Co. SC
From: Susan Johanson
Date: February 09, 2000

I am looking for the parents of Katherine "Kitsey " Henson\Hinson, born 10-15-1786 who
married Robert Ramsey 9-3-1799 in Colleton Co. SC or anyother Hensons who may have been in
Colleton Co. SC.

I am also looking for the parents on Margaret "Patsy" O'Quinn who married John
"Jack"Carter, born c1770 in Colleton Co. SC or any other O'Quinns who may have been in
Colleton Co. SC

Jack Carter is a grandson of Jacob Carter from NC and the O'Quinns were also in NC in the
early 1700s.

Any help would truly be appreciated.

Susan C. Johanson
Springfield, VA
[email protected]
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