Henry Woods NC-SC-TN Circa 1826-1880 - Brett Woods
Subject: Henry Woods NC-SC-TN Circa 1826-1880
From: Brett Woods
Date: May 19, 1999

I apologize if you have seen this query before, but I thought I might would throw this out one more time to see if it rings any
bells.   My great-great grandfather Henry J. Woods, was born in NC in about 1826.  He shows up on the 1860 Spartanburg County SC
Census as follows:

            Father:  Henry J. Woods (b. NC 1826)
            Wife:  M. H. Woods (b SC 1822) This may be a Mary H. (later indicated as Polly)
            Nathan J Woods (b SC 1851)
            Lynch E. Woods (b SC 1846)  female
            James H. Woods (b SC 1848) (my great-grandfather)
            Moses B. Woods (b SC 1849)
            William B. Woods (b SC 1850)
            Thomas J. Woods (b SC 1854)
            Filmory S. Woods (b SC 1856) (not sure on spelling of this name)
            Muryl C. Woods (b SC 1858)  (not sure on spelling of this name)
            Robert H. Woods (b SC 1858)

Henry and James seem to end up on the 1880 Greene County TN Census.  In James' family he has a Leroy Woods (age 2) that I know is my
grandfather.  Now the search is on for Henry's father in NC.  I think it may be a James (at least that what LDS indicates) but no
proof yet.  In any event, if you happen to run across any Henrys born in NC in 1826 or so, please keep me in mind.   Also, it may well
be that he was originally a Wood, perhaps descendant from the line of  Penuel Wood (b ABT 1734) who reportedly died in Spartanburg
County SC in abt 1810.   At this point, I am open to suggestions.  Thanks.


Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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