Henry or William Hopkins abt 1770-1794 - darlene pace
Subject: Henry or William Hopkins abt 1770-1794
From: darlene pace
Date: November 28, 1998

I am not sure I have posted to your list..I had a computer problem and
lost my sent item's..I and four other's have been searching for yrs on
this Hopkins line William Hopkins b-1770 -77??SC  -m- Jane Stone Madison co
Ky 1798  and moved to Green co by Dec that yr and stayed in the area until
1810 upon which time he and his family of 16 children went to Mo...we had
been unable to locate his Parents.

I knew he had a sister per SC Charleston Gazette mention only  Lucy Hopkins.
as Sister note said they left the area abt 1794 for Ky  also Lucy
Hopkins -m- Isaac Kent in 1794 in Madison co ky and had adjoining land to My
William Hopkins b-1770-77SC in Green Co lived on line of Green co & Adair Co
Carved out of Green Co in 1802
Recently I found a Gedcom with him listed as a Son of Henry Hopkins b- RI
and I Have wondered abt him as father before but I have found nothing that
indicates Henry Hopkins was in SC he is son of the infamous Francis Hopkins
the Tory Bandit. That was hung by Mr Campbell...
Does anyone have access to any information that would show My William
Hopkins as a child or young man  or Henry and Hannah as Parent in the nearby
area..of SC.other children names would be
 Robert Hopkins b-??,John Hopkinsb-??,Rachel Hopkin b-??,Eliza Hopkins b-??,
Hannah Hopkins b-??......I have found records of Henry Hopkins being in
Green Co Ky by 1797 with his Bro Gardner Hopkins and Son-inlaw Caskey
and know Henry Hopkins died in Shelby co Ky 1814

 I do know there was SC Gazette Mention of a Samuel
Hopkins -m- a Widow Dandridge in 1770 Charleston and a
 William Hopkins  -m- a Elizabeth Welch Aug 11 or 12  1770 SC Charleston
 who was a Daughter of Widow Hopkins so would mean she had two marriages
Welch and Hopkins ,,and her mainden name had to be Wainwright.,,,as
Elizabeth Welch was  a Niece of Samuel
Wainwright..have not found much abt this William Hopkins either

 I figure they had to be somewhat of a notiable family to be mentioned in SC
Gazette Newspaper....Can you help ??  I would really appreciate
any help I can get and Thank you
I remain Darlene Pace
200 SE Uglow
Dallas, Oregon
[email protected]

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