Henry Le Noble - Steven J. Coker
Subject: Henry Le Noble
From: Steven J. Coker
Date: September 22, 1998

The Huguenots of Colonial South Carolina 
By Arthur Henry Hirsch, Ph.D.
1928, Duke University Press
reprinted 1962 by Archon Books
(pp 226-227)

   Henry Le Noble was a conspicuous figure in the early political history of
Carolina. Born in Paris, the son of John Le Noble and Susanna leMercier, he
found it necessary to remove his ancestral limitations by becoming an English
subject.[61] With his widowed mother and his three brothers, John, Peter, and
James, and five sisters, Mary, Susanna, Magdalena, Charlotte, and Anne, he fled
From France to England.[62] There he was naturalized June 27, 1685. So he went
to Carolina vested with all of the powers of an English subject. He proved to be
a man of more than ordinary powers of political leadership. Though naturalized
in 1685, he does not seem to have gone to Carolina until several years
later.[63] He and his wife, Katherine Le Serrurier, went to Charles Town,
probably in the year 1694-5. At any rate July 13, 1695,[64] is the date of his
land warrant for a 350 acre lot in Charles Town. In 1698, Lord Ashley, one of
the Proprietors, residing in London, named Henry Le Noble his Deputy in the
province.[65] He was a member of the Governor's Council from 1698 to 1706. He
was a Commissioner of the Church Act of 1706.[66] Like many of his French
associates he anglicized his name to Noble, soon after his arrival.

   Henry Le Noble was a large landowner in St. John's Berkeley and St.
Stephen's.[67] but most of his life was spent in political activities in
Charleston. His wife, after his death, retired to the estates in St. John's. A
splendid original oil portrait of her, painted in the early part of the
eighteenth century, represents her as a beautiful and fashionable woman of
middle age.[68] Her will, dated January 25, 1725-6, disposes of two and
one-third lots in Charles Town, several plantations, slaves, horses, promissory
notes, bonds and money. How extensive the estate was cannot be gathered from the

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