Henry J. Woods (b. 1826) - Brett Woods
Subject: Henry J. Woods (b. 1826)
From: Brett Woods
Date: May 27, 1999

As what has seemingly become my life's work, I am attempting to identify
the parents of my great-great-grandfather, Henry J. Woods, born in NC in
about 1826. He shows up on the 1860 Spartanburg County SC Census as

Father: Henry J. Woods (b. NC 1826) (a later census indicates a SC
Wife: M. H. Woods (b SC 1822) This may be a Mary H. (later indicated as
Nathan J Woods (b SC 1851)
Lynch E. Woods (b SC 1846) NOTE: Since this is a female, I would assume
this comes from a prior Woods-Lynch family inter-marriage somewhere.
James H. Woods (b SC 1848) (my great-grandfather)
John B. Woods (b SC 1849)
William B. Woods (b SC 1850)
Thomas J. Woods (b SC 1854)
Harvey S(?) Woods (b SC 1856)
Muryl C. Woods (b SC 1858)  pretty illegible
Robert H(?) Woods (b SC 1858)

I believe Henry to be the grandson -- through one of the sons, obviously
-- of Matthew Woods who came to Chester S. C. about 1805 from Orange
County, NC.  Matthew and his wife Margaret Faucette were married 12 Nov.
1795 near Hillsboro, N.C.  They had the following children:

1. William -born March 1797
2. James F. born March 1799
3. Margaret-born July 1801
4. John -born Oct.1803
5. Susannah--born Nov. 1806
6. Elizabeth--born March 1808
7. Richard--born Aug.1813

I have found one LDS entry -- not that I put too much stock in its
veracity -- that Henry's mother was named Lavina.  In any event, do any
of Henry's children's names ring any bells, or does anyone know any
connections?  Thanks for any help.

Brett F. Woods
Santa Fe, New Mexico

NOTE:  Just in case anyone is wondering, Matthew Woods is the son of
John Woods (1720-1813) and Ann Louey Mebane, and the grandson of William
Woods, who was born in Ireland and was part (with his brothers Michael,
John, James and Andrew) of the Woods-Campbell emigration from Ireland to
America in the mid-1720s.  This is the family that is the subject of the
Woods-McAfee Memorial, that was published in 1905 by Neander Woods.

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