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Subject: Henry DAVIS, Kingsburg, SC
From: URQ5
Date: April 22, 1998

[Note: I have no connection to anyone involved. I merely post this for the
historical information.]

"The Old River Road House"

"The Women's Symphony Guild of Florence is proud to present the Old River Road
House as its 1998 Designer Showhouse. This stately home was built in 1841 by
Henry DAVIS, on a plantation near Kingsburg, SC. It has been relocated to
Florence, SC, and has been extended and renovated to become a truly modern
home inside, while retaining its original elegance, with original wooden
siding, shutters and hand- blown glass in the windows."

[Paraphrasing: The house has 3 stories, including 3 bedrooms, LR,  DR, study,
sunroom, greatroom. It was originally built on 1200 acres on River Road near
Kingsburg, SC by solicitor Henry DAVIS as his plantation home, about a mile
From the Pee Dee River.]

" At the Davis Landing was Port's Ferry across the river, and ships from
England brought everyday supplies as well as luxuries, such as tea and
perfume....  One ship was unlucky to burn and sink at the landing, causing the
death of Davis' first wife. 

The plantation was divided into separate cotton fields, each with a slave
house and each named for one of the women slaves. Unfortunately, the bell
which used to summon the slaves is long lost.

Originally this house was built with three stories, with an upstairs porch
From which DAVIS  is reputed to have watched the boats go by on the river.
Majestic by standards of the day, it had its share of secrets--three of which
were secret exits, two upstairs under beds, and one downstairs by the
fireplace, to provide escape routes should Union soldiers come.

A Mr. GREENWOOD was hired as overseer of the land, and after some years, he
and two brothers bought the plantation from DAVIS' only surviving child. They
bought an adjacent 300 acres and restored the kitchen, which like many of the
day, had burned. The house was modernized by adding a bathroom and the first
floor was wired for electricity. The property is now owned in twelfths by
their descendants. " 

[One more plantation home saved !! I have no further information about the
house or the DAVIS family.] For ticket information, contact Mary Gurley, 924
Wrenwood Dr., Florence, SC 29505. 

Happy hunting and good health to you.

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