Henri de SAUSSURE went to SC - Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Subject: Henri de SAUSSURE went to SC
From: Jean-Benedict de SAUSSURE
Date: August 23, 1998

On Mar 18 aoŻ 1998, David Hamiter  wrote:

The vast marjority of German/Swiss immigents to SC after 1750 came
directly to
>Charleston via ship. Over 1500 arrived from Germany in 1752 alone. 

Saw your nice site, thanks.

Henri de SAUSSURE, born 18 Juillet 1709 in Lausanne, Switzerland, came to
SC in 1730, 1731 or 1732, possibly at Purysburg.

Where could I find the harbours, the ship, the passengers (all swiss?
Carolina Rabies?)


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