From: offie lites
Date: May 22, 1998

Hello: It has been sometime since I have rec'd any
SC messages. I am searching Leonard Lights/Jacob
Lites/Caleb Lites in SC 1749-1850. Uriah Hendrix &
family 1820 SC. Jeremiah Harman & family 1801-1892
Abraham Lites SC Abbeville 1786-1859. George David
Huiet family 1754-1850 Edgefield.
	I need info on Amanda Adlede Harman that
md. Rev.Isaac Newton Stone ca 1870--Mary F.Harman md. Jesse
Swygert,Jr.--Barbara Harman md. Pickens
Butler Harman.--Wm.Hewett md. Lucinda Evans Edgefield SC ca 1833. Last
shown in SC in 1840
census. Sorry to throw the whold load at one time
but will repeat individually later. Thanks for any help. I am located in
Little Rock, Ar. and will do Ark. lookups for those that need it. Glad to
be back.

Offie Lites
[email protected]

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