Re: Hendricks/Vanderhorst families Charleston & Colleton mid 1700's - Deborah Byrd
Subject: Re: Hendricks/Vanderhorst families Charleston & Colleton mid 1700's
From: Deborah Byrd
Date: June 05, 2000

> I am descended from John Vanderhorst (1639-1738) and his second
wife, Mary
> Elizabeth Foissin. Are you referring to John (d. 1787) who was
grandson of
> the above John and his first wife, Margaret Pollock?
> I have a Mary Hendrick (dtr. of John) who married Joseph
> 1750), the son of John and Margaret.
I have John SR and his son Joseph Vanderhorst receiving legacies in
the will of John Hendrick d. 1736.  Daughter Mary is cited separately
as Mary Hendricks.

Mary's Brother William Hendricks in his 1749 will lists his brother in
laws as Joseph, and Arnaldus Vanderhorst as legatees and executors.
He also includes a William Vanderhorst, Daniel Legere, and Alexander
Perenneau as executors.  Since sister Mary is not mentioned in
Hendricks will, I had three questions how he acquired Vanderhorst in
did sister Mary marry one?
did his mother marry Captain John after John Hendircks died
or was one of William Hendircks's wives a Vanderhorst?

Do you have information on the Hendricks family who were dissenters?
Is John Hendirck the son of Timothy Hendrick who married Purchase Spry
widow of Henry Spry d. 1699?  Do you know how James Hendrick d. abt
1749 ties into John and William Hendirck

Deborah Byrd

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