Hendricks of Pickens Co SC - Jane McCombs Gillespie
Subject: Hendricks of Pickens Co SC
From: Jane McCombs Gillespie
Date: April 21, 1998

I went to sleep and deleted all the messages concerning the Hendrix family
(var. spelling).. You can contact Linda Cheek [email protected]  who is the
newsletter editor of Old Pendleton Gen. Society.. she might can tell you who
is researching this family that are members of Old Pendleton..

My family is good friends with elderly Mr. Hendricks and I read a Hendricks
gen book one time of his family from the Pumpkintown/Pickens/Easley area..
if anyone might be interested in the branch of the Hendrick family let me
know.. I will contact him to see who wrote book etc...

I have no Hendrick connections myself..

[email protected]
Jane McCombs Gillespie

Researching McComb/McCombs in SC
Hopewell Presbyterian in McCormick County  SC
Long Canes SC list : [email protected]
McCombs list  [email protected]

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