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Subject: Re: Re: Re: HENDERSON,STONE,FINCH,GOOD,ect. 13 Jul 1998
From: Cindy Sidwell
Date: February 22, 1999

Aloha All!

I was just doing a search on YEARGIN in the archives and found the following
information!  This is my family!  My dad, his sister & brother, parents, and
aunts and uncles are names I remember.  There are a couple of errors in I
know for sure, I would love to help the author fix them.  I have further
information if the author of the email is interested.  I'm just so fortunate
to have found this email!

From: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:51:19 EDT

Jennifer, if this is your family please fill in the missing information.
Thanks. Claud

1 William Crowell YEARGIN
Birth:	23 August 1838, Greenville County, South Carolina
Death:	6 March 1886, Greenville County, South Carolina
Burial:	Yeargin Cemetery, Greenville County, South Carolina
Father:	Benjamin YEARGIN (1804-1849)
Mother:	Margaret A. DACUS (1807->1850)
Spouse:	Josephine Bonaparte COX
Birth:	2 September 1837
Death:	5 March 1881
Children:	Grace Greenwood (1860-1913)
	William Henry (1863-)
	James F. (1865-1865)
	Isaiah Benjamin (1966-1911)
	Frances Elizabeth (1869-)
	Robert Lee (1872-1892)
	Sarah Margaret (1874-)
	Lena (1877-)

1.1 Grace Greenwood YEARGIN
Birth:	9 December 1860
Death:	13 August 1913
Burial:	Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Spouse:	Bayliss Lee SMITH
Birth:	2 June 1859, Greenville County, South Carolina
Death:	21 April 1940, Greenville County, South Carolina
Father:	Bayless SMITH (1802-)
Mother:	Elizabeth "Eliza" HUDSON (1806-)
Children:	Florrie Leona
	Sadye Josephine (1890-1910)
	Ola (1892-1976)

1.1.1 Florrie Leona SMITH
Spouse:	Walter Jerome SMITH
Children:	Lucius Lee (1906-)
	Mildred Grace
	William Herbert Lucius Lee SMITH
Birth:	21 October 1906, Mauldin, Greenville County, SC
Educ:	Mauldin High School
Spouse:	Margaret ELMORE
Birth:	24 April 1917, Edgefield, South Carolina
Father:	Atha ELMORE
Mother:	Jessie Violet ELMORE
Marr:	31 March 1935
Children:	Dottie (1937-)
	Sandra (1942-)
	Gail (1945-)
	Lee (1952-) Mildred Grace SMITH William Herbert SMITH

1.1.2 Sadye Josephine SMITH
Birth:	8 July 1890, Greenville County, South Carolina
Death:	8 February 1910, Greenville County, South Carolina
Burial:	Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Spouse:	Charles Manly HENDERSON
Birth:	2 January 1893, Greenville Co. SC
Death:	5 April 1930, McCormick, SC
Father:	Winfield Jasper HENDERSON (1847-1918)
Mother:	Martha Ann "Mattie" CLARK (1850-1926)
Marr:	23 December 1909

1.1.3 Ola SMITH
Birth:	1 September 1892, Greenville County, South Carolina
Death:	29 January 1976
Burial:	Springwood Cemetery, Greenville, SC
Spouse:	Gardner R. CAUDLE Dr.
Birth:	1 December 1886
Death:	12 March 1957
Children:	Sarah Grace (1912-)
	Gardner R. (1913-1914) Sarah Grace CAUDLE*
Birth:	20 August 1912
Spouse:	Claude L. BLACK
Children:	Claude L.
	Robert Caudel
Other spouses W. E. REID Sarah Grace CAUDLE* (See above)
Spouse:	W. E. REID
Other spouses Claude L. BLACK Gardner R. CAUDLE Jr.
Birth:	20 December 1913, Greenville County, South Carolina
Death:	17 October 1914, Greenville County, South Carolina
Burial:	Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery

1.2 William Henry YEARGIN
Birth:	25 March 1863
No information after 1885.

1.3 James F. YEARGIN
Birth:	24 May 1865
Death:	22 July 1865

1.4 Isaiah Benjamin YEARGIN
Birth:	7 November 1966
Death:	August 1911
Spouse:	Anna KING
Children:	Shirley

1.4.1 Shirley YEARGIN
Spouse:	Gary BROCKMAN
Children:	Douglas
	Vivian Douglas BROCKMAN Vivian BROCKMAN

1.4.2 Avery YEARGIN
Spouse:	Pauline HAWKINS
Children:	Sarah
	Martha Sarah YEARGIN Nelle YEARGIN Martha YEARGIN

1.4.3 Grady YEARGIN

1.4.4 Almond YEARGIN
Almond was a pitcher in professional major league baseball.
Spouse:	Nettie HAWKINS

1.4.5 Pack YEARGIN
Spouse:	Elizabeth BRITTLE
Children:	Willard
	Francis Willard YEARGIN Billy YEARGIN Francis YEARGIN

1.4.6 Rush YEARGIN
Rush was a professional baseball player.

1.4.7 Harriett YEARGIN
Spouse:	? FLOYD

1.5 Frances Elizabeth YEARGIN
Birth:	16 January 1869
Spouse:	Oscar Pierce McHUGH
Marr:	29 August 1894
Children:	Fay (1895-)
	Fred Devereaux (1897-)
	James Frank

1.5.1 Fay McHUGH
Birth:	16 July 1895
Occ:	School Teacher
Educ:	Greenville HS, Winthrop College AB Music

1.5.2 Fred Devereaux McHUGH
Birth:	26 March 1897
Occ:	Associate Editor, Scientific American.
Educ:	Clemson College, BS Electrical Engineering, Columbia U.
Spouse:	Ethel HAWLEY
Birth:	Bath, Maine

1.5.3 James Frank McHUGH
Occ:	Carolina Light Company, Raleigh, NC.
Educ:	Clemson College, BS Electrical Engineering
Spouse:	Mary LIGON
Children:	Mary Patricia (1928-) Mary Patricia McHUGH
Birth:	15 July 1928

1.5.4 Ruth McHUGH
Occ:	Schoolteacher
Educ:	Winthrop College, AB

1.6 Robert Lee YEARGIN
Birth:	10 January 1872
Death:	November 1892

1.7 Sarah Margaret YEARGIN
Birth:	1 July 1874
Spouse:	Olin SALISBEE
Children:	William Clevie
	Laurie Josephine
	Lee Roy
	Luke Julian
	Fannie Eoline

1.7.1 William Clevie SALISBEE
Spouse:	Maggie McCLARY
Children:	Margaret Louise Margaret Louise SALISBEE

1.7.2 Florida SALISBEE
Spouse:	Ludy COTHRAN
Children:	Ola Fay
	Sarah Priscilla
	Billy Yeargin Ola Fay COTHRAN Sarah Priscilla COTHRAN Billy Yeargin COTHRAN

1.7.3 Laurie Josephine SALISBEE
Spouse:	Leonard FORD

1.7.4 Lee Roy SALISBEE

1.7.5 Luke Julian SALISBEE
Spouse:	Alma GOODWIN
Children:	Harold Jock
	Luke Harold Jock SALISBEE Luke SALISBEE

1.7.6 Fannie Eoline SALISBEE

1.8 Lena YEARGIN
Birth:	9 February 1877
Spouse:	William Marion CHANDLER

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