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Date: July 11, 1998

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Byron, I have come across the name Neighbors Windham in the past. Have you
seen any connections of the Neighbors to the Windham families?
Descendants of Charles Windham
	1  	Charles Windham	- Abt 1841		d: Abt 1841
..		+Ruth			
.........	2  	John R. Windham			
.........	2  	Elizabeth Windham			
.........	2  	Leahnora Windham			
.........	2  	Benjamin Windham			
.........	2  	Neighbors C. Windham			
Harry Windham

<< Jennifer,
 My name is Byron STONE , most of my family is from NW South Carolina
 also.Would like to share any information---- some of of the surnames I
 amworking on are Stone ,Sanders ,Newton ,Davis ,Gravely ,Tranham, Neighbors
 ,Whitt & Merck.

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