From: MLuby83326
Date: April 24, 1998

Hello SC Researchers:  Again I am posting to see if any one on this list can
help me with my HENAGAN LINE.    My great grandfather, Simeon B. Henagan,  was
in Louisiana on the 1840 Census.  He was born around  1812 in SC, I believe.
I know he married Celia Caroline Raiford in 1837 in East Feliciana Parish
around Clinton, LA and that he died in January, 1843 around the same area.   I
have not been able to find him on an 1830 Census.    He had three children:
Mary Ann Victoria Henagan,  Francis Marion Henagan, and John Mitchell Robert
Henagan.  Both sons joined with the Confederate Army in Mississippi and served
until the war ended.   I have reasons  to believe that the Rogers, Betheas,
and Henagans were related through marriages.   Also, they were all members of
Baptist Churches in Mississippi and Louisiana.  I am especially interested in
corresponding with any one who is researching the HENAGAN surname.  Also, I
would like to find some proof of birth of Simeon and exactly who his parents
were.  I believe that he is connected to the SC Henagans who lived around
Marion and Marlborough Counties.  Any help would be appreciated.  Please e-
mail me at [email protected] (Martha Henagan Luby) 

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