Re: Help: Palmetto Cockades used during the WBTS - Jan Bohler
Subject: Re: Help: Palmetto Cockades used during the WBTS
From: Jan Bohler
Date: March 04, 2001

I have seen these sold at the sutlers (people that sale items to the
reenactors of  the WBTS)  at the reeactments.
Hope that this helps.
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Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2001 6:37 PM
Subject: Help: Palmetto Cockades used during the WBTS

 I would appreciate any information regarding the current reproduction of
> Palmetto Cockade in South Carolina as was worn by our Secessionist
> during the WBTS.
> If anyone knows of anyone that is reproducing palmetto cockades please
> contact me off-list with the information.
> The Civil War Relic Room in Columbia and the "City Under Siege" exhibit at
> the Charleston Museum display originals...however, no gift shop sells
> reproductions.
> Am interested in the round type and the little Palmetto type as is shown
> The Woman's War book from the Museum of the Confederacy.
> In addition, I am interested in a source for immature palmetto frond,
> it opens up, which is the suggested state to use in baskets and presumably
> cockades.
> Sincerely,
> Laura Fitzpatrick

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