Help: Palmetto Cockades used during the WBTS - Lfitzp9042
Subject: Help: Palmetto Cockades used during the WBTS
From: Lfitzp9042
Date: March 04, 2001

I would appreciate any information regarding the current reproduction of the 
Palmetto Cockade in South Carolina as was worn by our Secessionist ancestors 
during the WBTS. 
If anyone knows of anyone that is reproducing palmetto cockades please 
contact me off-list with the information. 
The Civil War Relic Room in Columbia and the "City Under Siege" exhibit at 
the Charleston Museum display originals...however, no gift shop sells 
Am interested in the round type and the little Palmetto type as is shown in 
The Woman's War book from the Museum of the Confederacy.  

In addition, I am interested in a source for immature palmetto frond, before 
it opens up, which is the suggested state to use in baskets and presumably 

Laura Fitzpatrick

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