Re: Help, E-mail program crashed - Bonedigger
Subject: Re: Help, E-mail program crashed
From: Bonedigger
Date: March 12, 2001

I bet you still have it and just don't know where to look.
That was my problem earlier.
I thought all was lost yet found all I had to do was restore what was still
on my hard drive to the outlook express. Want the hints?
Of course I have an old computer with WIN 95 and here is how you would
determine if they are still there.
open Windows explorer; at c:\ click + sign to open the directory
trees; at Program files click the + sign to open that directory; at Outlook
Express click the + sign to open that directory.
You should see your folders as SENT.dbx, and DELETED.dbx and all the special
folders you had created as *.dbx files you will recognize the names of your
folders. to make sure just double click on the folder and see its contents,
you will get a window that asks what word processor you want to use to
view/read the contents choose the one you want, best of course would be
Once you have determined they are still there you have to get them activated
back to the outlook express.
That is the part I am not sure of but I think it is like this. In that same
outlook express directory will be a box with setup in it click on that and
then in the top left click file then properties to identify that icon and
file it should be setup.exe. for outlook express and double clicking on that
should put it back together for you. BUT HERE is where you should consult
your help file to make sure whether you should use the above setup.exe or
not your Win98 or whatever may be much different from mine.
But identifying that they are or are not still there will work as described
Strange what yoiu learn about your computer from looking ariound for example
there is a HISTORY of everywhere you have been on the internet, big brother
is watching you or at least can watch you from this history folder
everything that makes history on your computer is there everywhere you have
been all you have done.
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From: "R Bonneau (by way of Steve Coker )"

Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2001 5:09 PM
Subject: Help, E-mail program crashed

 Hi this is Ross calling. Our e-mail program crashed and we lost everything
> except for our address book. Sherry doesn't know yet and  will she be mad
> when I tell her. But to short circuit the bad news I am wondering if any
> you are like us and  keep all our your e-mails. If you do would you be so
> kind as to send us a copy of the mails we have shared so that we can
> restore the stuff on our end and again separate them back into the
> respective folders. Otherwise Sherry is going to feel lost and will not
> know were to start.
> For your info it was a program error in the loading of outlook express 5.5
> and with the help from Calgary all we could save was the Address book
> with all of your help may make this a whole lot less of a problem.
> Thanks for all of your help
> Ross and Sherry

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