Help, E-mail program crashed - R Bonneau
Subject: Help, E-mail program crashed
From: R Bonneau
Date: March 11, 2001

Hi this is Ross calling. Our e-mail program crashed and we lost everything 
except for our address book. Sherry doesn't know yet and  will she be mad 
when I tell her. But to short circuit the bad news I am wondering if any of 
you are like us and  keep all our your e-mails. If you do would you be so 
kind as to send us a copy of the mails we have shared so that we can 
restore the stuff on our end and again separate them back into the 
respective folders. Otherwise Sherry is going to feel lost and will not 
know were to start.
For your info it was a program error in the loading of outlook express 5.5 
and with the help from Calgary all we could save was the Address book which 
with all of your help may make this a whole lot less of a problem.
Thanks for all of your help
Ross and Sherry

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