Help! how to save messages to diskette - ccmiller
Subject: Help! how to save messages to diskette
From: ccmiller
Date: December 03, 1998

Sorry to ask but someone told us how to save messages to disk from
outlook express
INBOX to a floppy. I know how to do it one by one but someone told us
how to do it
in bulk by highlighting all or selecting all messages then do xyz and
I forgot how.
Old people do forget you know.
Seems like it had some middle step with a word processor?? but still
in bulk.
Reason I am asking is that i had a folder called "long term" and I put
what i wanted to keep long term in it then one day I clicked on the
folder "long term" and it disappeared
and I cannot find it nor retrieve it in any manner tried. I looked in
the "waste Bin" and it is not there, no amount of undo or undelete
that I tried would work. Anybody know how to recover from that

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